The Wood Automotive Group is pleased to announce that Wood Auto Rentals is now open for business with a focus on business and commercial clients. Wood Auto Rentals offers a wide range of vehicles for a day, a week or for an entire season.

“We’ve really opened up the options to provide the type of products and services commercial clients are looking for,” says Gerry Wood, President and Founder, Wood Automotive Group. “Too often businesses are forced to tie-up capital on long term leases even though they may only need a vehicle for a few months. We now give them that option and at commercial rates.”

The Wood Auto Rentals Fleet includes pick-up trucks, delivery vans, cars and SUVs. “We’re specialized in providing the right vehicle to do the job,” says Jim Skalk, Manager, Wood Auto Rentals. “So if you need a boom or picker truck for the jobsite or an exotic sports car for the movie set we’ve got you covered.”
To celebrate the opening, throughout the month of January, Wood Auto Rentals is offering a three-week rental package for the price of two.

For more information about Wood Auto Rentals, please visit